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My husband and I are obsessed with Coffee Girl. Your coffee comes out consistently FANTASTIC and beautiful. We live in Montana and have family there, and it is well known that C.G. is a daily must. we dream of it when we are not there and it is the standard to which we compare all others. Not to mention, the location rocks and the people make it an inviting place to meander and enjoy the passing ships. Cheers to you Coffee Girl!

Lane P

A fine and homey place, Coffee Girl, with a wonderful group of people who create a beautiful, welcoming, and deliciously aromatic environment.


You gals rock ! I've been on a work assignment here in Astoria for a couple months now, and the only local cafe my landlady recommended was the Coffee Girl. I LOVE your fresh-baked pastries (my weakness) every day and your coffee selections. The wi-fi and relaxed seating with a view of the Columbia is nice. Almost as comfy as being at home, but more fun ! I'll be sure and stop in next time I come through here.

Wendy G.

Thank you all very much for making my recent stay on Pier 39 so very enjoyable.A great cup of coffee from Coffee girl was the highlight of my morning and Tammy came after me when I left my key on the counter. Another trip to ASTORIA is in my future,including a stay in the Fisherman Suites and your great coffee.

B. Nagan

Hi, My husband and I visited Astoria for the first time last year . . . which led us to discover Coffee Girl. It has become one of my most favorite places in the world. Starting with fabulous, talented and friendly people complemented with consistantly wonderful coffee and food of all kinds and topped off with a breathtakingly beautiful and active location with a history that comes alive. We're determined to make the trip from Salem again at LEAST one more time this year.

S. Rundle

What I like about you... you meet the zen of life balanced between beauty and caffine - pallete and eye -me stomacha es muy contento por que I get that peaceful easy feelin that you won't let me down and its a coffee drink with planetary wonders flowing in juxtaposition with a barista table. Outtasite.

D. Dognaldo

We love the new Coffee Girl breakfast cookies!

The Thomas'

In my life all Mondays are good, why? you may ask. Because "the dames" at Coffee Girl is all that you need to start the week. You do not need to speak and voila that breve is in your hands. And is nothing better than a good and beautiful breve with a great smile on the side to start your week. I can not wait till' Monday!


I recently vacationed in Oregon and being the planner I am, I researched things to do and places to eat. Obviously, I am a huge coffee fan. I searched the web for Coffee shops in Astoria and came across your YouTube videos on "Coffee Art", being that I am from Florida, I don't see much of that so I was amazed. But what caught my eye was the location, the interior layout, the friendly smiles of the barista's and the patrons. I said to myself, "This is where it's at!!". My brother and I visited on the morning of Friday June 4th. As we walked through the door we were immediately greeted with a smile and a sincere greeting from Tammy (I believe?). She was full of energy and provided a warm conversation to make us feel at home. We ordered our coffee and I sat in awe while she presented "Coffee Art". If that wasn't enough, she then asked if I would like to try some art. "You bet I do!" It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Thank you Coffee Girl and Tammy for a wonderful experience.

B. Sumner

I just wanted to say that I love this place. Great coffee and excellent location. I think the highlight of my trip to Astoria was the trip to coffeegirl...They even have binoculars you can use while you are there to see over the bay area!

R. Calloway